Schengen visa fees

  • The standard Schengen visa fee covers the cost of your Schengen visa application.
    In any case, the embassy/consulate or visa service provider will not start processing
     your visa application until you have paid the Schengen visa fee.
  • The standard cost of an adult Schengen visa is EUR 80.
    Children aged 6 to 12 years pay €40.
    Children under 6 years of age are free of charge.
    Apart from young children, some other types of applicants are exempt from all visa fees. If you belong to the categories below, you are exempt from paying the Schengen visa fee:
    A researcher intending to carry out further research or participate in a scientific conference/seminar.
    Student (any level, including postgraduate) or lecturer/professor travelling with student(s) who are travelling to the Schengen area for the purpose of study or education.
    Under 25 years old, representative of a non-profit organisation and participant in conferences/seminars/events of a cultural, educational or sporting nature organised by non-profit organisations.
    Under 25, participant in conferences/seminars/events of a cultural, educational or sporting nature organised by non-profit organisations.
    If you have a service or diplomatic passport.
  • Different consulates/embassies and visa service providers have different procedures for accepting payment for Schengen visa applications.
    In many cases, any consulate/embassy or visa service provider through which you apply will accept payment by cheque, cash or bank transfer. Contact your consulate/embassy or visa service provider directly to determine the recommended method of payment.
  • Consulates/embassies of different countries and visa service providers will require payment at different stages of the application process. However, in all cases, you must pay the visa fee before submitting your application.
    In some cases, you will be asked to pay online, just before you submit your online application via the official online application portal. Alternatively, you may be asked to send payment when you arrive in person at the consulate/embassy for your application appointment. You will undoubtedly find out when and how to pay the visa fee once you start the application process. Contact your consulate/embassy or visa service provider directly to find out when you should send the payment.
  • Schengen visa fees are stated in euros, in the currency of the third country or in the currency of the third country in which you reside when applying for a visa. If you pay in your local currency (i.e. not in euros), the fee will depend on the standard euro exchange rate set by the European Central Bank. Please note that you are entitled to (and should receive) a visa fee receipt after the payment has been transferred.
  • The cost of all Schengen visas is the same for each purpose, type, number of entries and duration. This means that the fees for a Schengen visa for a tourist visa for single entry and multiple entry are the same. You will not pay more for multiple entries or longer stays, and one purpose of travel is not more expensive than another – for example, a medical visa costs the same as a business visa.
  • Unfortunately, all Schengen visa fees are usually not refundable. This means that if your visa application is rejected for any reason or if you withdraw your application after you have already sent the payment, you will not receive a refund of the Schengen visa fee. The following circumstances are exceptions to this general rule:
    If the consulate/embassy through which you have applied decides that it does not have the authority to make a decision on your visa.
    There is a problem with the collection of the necessary biometric data.
    If your application is declared inadmissible for any of the following reasons:
    you did not submit your application in time (i.e. it was submitted too early or too late).
    you have submitted an accompanying travel document which has been declared invalid.
    You have submitted a photograph that does not meet the specifications in terms of size/format/angle.
    There is something wrong with the application document you submitted.
  • Bear in mind that the standard cost of a Schengen visa does not include any visa processing fees, which you may have to pay, depending on how you apply (i.e. whether you apply through a visa service provider).
    If you apply through a visa service provider, you will almost certainly be charged an additional fee.
     By law, a Schengen visa service cannot exceed half the visa fee. For example, as the cost of a standard Schengen visa for adults is €80, the visa service provider should not charge you more than €40. is the one-stop-shop for all your Schengen visa questions and needs. We are a repository or knowledge base of all the information you need to complete your Schengen visa application.