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Most countries have their own particularities for obtaining a visa, e.g. Latvia: Latvia - since 14 July 2019 paid accommodation and purchased plane/train tickets have become compulsory. Austria - during the winter sports season requires medical insurance that covers sports injuries.

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Obligatory documents for a visa to Europe

Civil passport

A copy of all stamped pages of your passport is required. For children under 14 years of age, this will be the birth certificate. If the child is already fourteen years old, both the birth certificate and a copy of the internal passport are required. Any questions? Please leave a request for a consultation with a specialist.

Foreign passport

In order to apply for a Schengen visa, your passport must expire no earlier than 3 months before the end of your planned trip. Any questions? Leave an application form for a consultation with an expert.

Financial documents

In order to apply for a visa, the following documents should be submitted: - a certificate of employment (indicating the position and salary, on the company letterhead); - Bank statement showing the remaining balance of funds (minimum 900 euros per person, regardless of the length of the trip and + 90 euros for each subsequent day of stay); - for students and pupils: a certificate from an educational institution and/or a student card; - in the case of sponsorship: the sponsor's financial statements, a copy of the first page of the sponsor's passport and a document proving his/her relationship - For pensioners: copy of pension certificate; Any further questions? Submit a request for an expert consultation.


Insurance for travelling abroad is a mandatory document when applying for a visa. The criteria to be followed when applying for the policy: - The coverage area of the insurance policy. Either all Schengen Agreement countries or all countries you plan to visit should be selected. - Sum insured. The minimum sum insured is €30,000 / $50,000. If you plan to engage in active sports during the trip, we recommend you to take out a special insurance policy covering sports risks. - Insurance period. To apply for a visa, the insurance policy must cover the period of your first trip. Even if you are applying for a multiple entry visa for one/two years, you do not need to insure yourself for the entire duration of the visa. Any questions? Leave an application form to consult an expert.

Depending on the country of application, additional documents may be required.

Service packages

Light audit

√ We will check the documents for compliance
√ Advise on completing the questionnaire

Technical package

√ check documents for compliance
√ we will prepare a list of documents for you
√ fill out consular forms
√ make an appointment to file
√ take a photograph
√ Cover consular and service fees
√ Advise you on the application process

Full support

√ check documents for compliance
√ we will prepare a list of documents for you
√ fill out consular forms
√ make an appointment to file
√ take a photograph
√ Cover consular and service fees
√ file the documents without you being present or accompany you on arrival
√ Pick up at the consular centre
√ Deliver to you if necessary

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